[LSST|dm-announce #12] LSST Data Management postdoc and staff positions

Mario Juric mjuric at astro.washington.edu
Wed Dec 23 15:53:44 PST 2015

Dear colleagues,
	I want to bring to your attention a number of ads for LSST Data
Management related postdoc and research staff positions at the University of

 * Multiple LSST DM Research Scientist Positions

	(deadline: January 31st)

 * Multiple LSST DM Postdoc Positions

	(deadline: January 15th)

The University of Washington is responsible for the development of
pipelines for real-time analysis of the nightly data streams to enable 
rapid follow-up of time varying phenomena: e.g., the rapid detection and
characterization of transients, characterization of variability,
discovery and linking of asteroids, including NEOs, etc. Successful
candidates will join the existing 7-member LSST DM team.

In addition to LSST, ongoing research activities in the UW Survey Science
Group include understanding the structure, formation, and evolution of the
Milky Way using large surveys (SDSS, WISE, PanSTARRS, and others),
Solar system (minor planet) science, as well as development of techniques,
algorithms, and software for analysis of large astronomical datasets
("big data" data science).

Review of applications will start immediately, and continue until
the positions are filled.

These links and any future job postings can be found at:


as well as the central LSST hiring website at http://lsst.org/hiring.

Mario Juric,
UW Astronomy Faculty | UW eScience | LSST DM Project Scientist
Web : http://research.majuric.org      Phone : +1 609 933 1033

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