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List Description
AHM-Suggestions [no description available]
All-CAMs Union of all CAMS
Asteroid-day [no description available]
backup-mt-git Used to commit MT low-level controller config files to git
BFComm Base facility construction communications team
Calibration-Team Calibration Team Project Group
camera-tech-mtg Camera technical meetings announcement list
CEC [no description available]
CEC-F2F-SOC [no description available]
CEC-Follow-Up [no description available]
CEC-IDACS [no description available]
CEC-SW [no description available]
Chile-IT-Hiring Chile IT Hiring
CL-Hires [no description available]
COM-CAMS Commissioning CAM's
Communications-Team Communications Team
Community [no description available]
data-access-dev Data access, image cutout services, metadata
DM-Admin service account to enable deployment of DM services
dm-announce DM software announcements
dm-astrometry A list for discussion about astrometry issues
DM-CAMS Data Management CAM's
dm-devel DM software development
dm-sst DM System Science Team
DM-TCT DM Technical Control Team
dm-users Community support for DM users
Ea-users EA Users
EPO-CAMS Education and Public Outreach CAM's
Epo-feedback [no description available]
Fellows [no description available]
G6-leads The Rubin SIT-Com "Gang Of 6" leads
IAM AdHoc Discuss identity management, authorization, and authentication technology and implementation within LSST
In-kind-team AdHoc - Operations-based in-kind-team collaborator leads
Inkind-contribution-leads AdHoc -
Inkind-contributors AdHoc -
Inkind-program-managers AdHoc -
Inkind-recipients AdHoc -
Issc-chairs [no description available]
issc-charter-committee [no description available]
Issc-membership [no description available]
JCC Joint Coordinating Committee CCIN2P3 LSST NCSA
LINCC LSST Interdiciplinary Network For Collaboration and Computing
Lincc-frameworks-team The internal team list for the LINCC Frameworks Team
LSST-agn Project Controlled LSST AGN
LSST-Algorithms-Workshop Adhoc
LSST-Builders Project Controlled List of Builders
LSST-Calibration LSST System Calibrations.
LSST-ChangeControlBoard Project Controlled LSST-ChangeControlBoard
LSST-Commissioning Adhoc - Commissioning Team
Lsst-constrpapers [no description available]
LSST-datascience Project Controlled LSST-DataScience
LSST-DAWG AdHoc Differential Astrometry Working Group
LSST-DMLT Project Controlled DM Leadership Team
LSST-Enabling-Science AdHoc LSST-Enabling-Science
LSST-End-to-End AdHoc LSST-End-to-End
LSST-eNews Distribution List for eNews
LSST-galaxies Project Controlled LSST Galaxies
LSST-galaxy-clusters AdHoc the mailing list for the galaxy clusters working group
LSST-ISSC-Ambassadors LSST ISSC Ambassadors
LSST-LOPT LSST Operations Proposal Team
LSST-Managers Monday Management Meeting Attendees (project controlled)
LSST-milkyway AdHoc LSST Milkyway
LSST-MilkyWay-Bulge AdHoc Galactic bulge
LSST-MilkyWay-etc Project Controlled LSST-MilkyWay-etc
LSST-MilkyWay-Low AdHoc Low-mass stars and the Solar Neighborhood
LSST-MilkyWay-MC AdHoc LSST-MilkyWay-MC
LSST-MilkyWay-NFC AdHoc Near field cosmology
LSST-MilkyWay-SC AdHoc Star clusters
LSST-MilkyWay-Struct LSST Galactic Structure and ISM Science Working Group
LSST-MilkyWay-Var AdHoc Variable stars
LSST-Net List for LSST Network Engineering Team (NET)
LSST-Opsim-Dev AdHoc LSST-Opsim-Dev
LSST-Publication-Signup Temp Solution for Publication Sign-off
LSST-SAC Project Controlled Science Advisory Committee
LSST-Science-Verification-Validation Adhoc
LSST-science-working-group Project Controlled LSST-Science-Working-Group
LSST-SCOC [no description available]
LSST-SMAWG AdHoc Streak Mitigation and Avoidance Working Group
LSST-solarsystem Project Controlled Solar system science collaboration
LSST-stellarpops Project Controlled LSST Stellarpops
LSST-stronglens Project Controlled LSST Strong Lensing Science Collaboration
LSST-supernovae Project Controlled LSST Supernovae
LSST-Survey-Strategy Reach the LSST Survey Strategy personnel.
LSST-Systems-Engineering Project Controlled Systems Engineering Group
LSST-transient Project Controlled LSST Transient
LSST-was AdHoc LSST Wavefront and Alignment System
LSST-World Project Controlled Auto-enrollment
LSST-zphot AdHoc Photometric redshift working group
LSST2017-oc [no description available]
LSST2018-attendees [no description available]
LSST2018-OC LSST2018 Organizing Committee
LSST2019-Attendees Adhoc All Attending the LSST2019 Workshop
LSST2019-OC LSST2019 Organizing Committee
Lsstanrfp [no description available]
Observers The list of Observing Specialists and managers/folks who work closely with them.
Ops-Data-Facilities Ops Data Facility Workshop
Opsim-Prod List for automatic status notification process for the opsim simulation runs.
PO-CAMS Project Office CAM's
Project Project Controlled Auto-enrollment Everyone working on LSST project
Project-Adjunct Project-Controlled Project Adjuncts
Project2016 Project Staff Attending LSST2016
ProjectandSciColl Project Controlled Auto-enrollment
PubBoard Project Controlled LSST Publication Board
Risk-review-board Rish Review Board
RSP-registration [no description available]
Rubin-data-academy-2024 [no description available]
Rubin-DP0-VSS-2023 DP0 Virtual Summer School 2023
Rubin-Night-Log Rubin Night Log
Rubin-RCTF Rubin Rolling Cadence Task Force
Rubin-safety [no description available]
Rubin2020-attendees Adhoc All Attending the LSST2020 Workshop
Rubin2021-attendees [no description available]
Rubin2022-Attendees [no description available]
Rubin2022-covid [no description available]
Rubin2023-attendees List for attendees of Rubin 2023.
Rubin2023-Helpline List for making help requests at Rubin 2023.
Rubin2024-Attendees Rubin2024-Attendees
Rubin2024-covid [no description available]
Rubin2024-Virtual Rubin2024-Virtual
RubinObs-AMCR Project Controlled AMCR (AURA Mgt Council)
RubinObs-AOSCommissioning [no description available]
RubinObs-CommunityEngagement List of the Rubin Obs SP-CET members.
RubinObs-Digest Digest subscribers, project + self-subscribers
RubinObs-Exec RubinObs Exec
Rubinobs-LHN-Notifications Rubin Observatory LHN Notifications
RubinObs-OpsStaff Project Controlled RubinObs-OpsStaff
RubinObs-Paritario Rubin Joint Committee on Hygiene and Safety
Rubinobs-sitcom-inkind [no description available]
RubinObs-Staff-LAS Project Controlled LAS Staff
RubinObs-Staff-Tucson Project Controlled Tucson Staff
RubinObs-SystemPerformance A mail list of Rubin Obs SP team members.
RubinObs-Users-Committee Contact the Rubin Users Committee.
SciColl Project Controlled Auto-enrollment Everyone who is a member of a science collaboration
Science LSST Science Announcements
SE-CAMS Systems Engineering CAM's
Security Security Related Discussions
solsys-commissioning [no description available]
SSSC-Activity Adhoc SSSC-Activity
SSSC-Chairs Adhoc SSSC-Chairs
SSSC-Deep SSSC Deep Drilling Field Working Group
sssc-in-kind Adhoc lsst listserv for the Solar System Science Collaboration.
SSSC-innerss Adhoc SSSC-Innerss
SSSC-NES SSSC Cadence Note Working Group
SSSC-outerss Working Group SSSC-Outerss
SSSC-Software SSSC Software Working Group
sssc-sprint [no description available]
sssc-technosignatures [no description available]
SSSC-Twilight SSSC Twilight Working Group
Telescope-and-Site Project Controlled Telescope and Site Team
TS-CAMS Telescope & Site CAM's
TSS-ProductOwners Adhoc
Weekly-Integration-Meeting [no description available]
Z-Test Test List
Z-Test-Rubin-Love z-test-rubin-love

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